Why Get Into Camming?

Many people wonder why an attractive young person might want to get into camming, given that we still live in such a sex-negative world where judgment and moralizing are rife. Won’t it effect your job prospects in the future? Won’t it compromise your future career in accounting, or whatever?

Actually, camming is pretty much so mainstream now, that it’s difficult to imagine running into much trouble with employers (unless you’re planning on working for some church in the boonies of Utah). I mean, yeah, it’s possible that some fuddy duddy HR person will find out that you were a webcam model and decide to pass you up for a job, but when you weigh this risk against the very considerable advantages that camming for a few years before going off into corporate America can provide, you soon realize that it’s a no-brainer.


When you factor the cost of taking on huge amounts of student debt in order to pay for the education you’ll need to pursue that mainstream career, working as a webcam girl can make a fantastic amount of sense. You can literally make several thousand dollars per month as a camgirl or guy, working only 2 or 3 hours per day. That means you can go to school, pay all your tuition yourself, and even support yourself all at the same time. No need to take on a crushing amount of student loan debt that will take you two decades to payoff post-graduation. It makes so much financial sense, I’m honestly shocked that vastly more students don’t do it.

Ultimately, prudes are going to be a nuisance eventually for anyone who subscribes to a more sexually liberated philosophy in life. But, really, their numbers are dwindling rapidly and you should never let other people decide what’s best for you, anyway. My advice to potential camgirls and guys is always to make your own course. If you’re cool with camming and you feel it’s right for you, do it. The financial rewards of doing so will seriously mitigate any negative consequences with employers down the road. You’ll be making your own way, paying your own way, and you’ll have the dignity of knowing that you are self-sufficient and responsible as you build your future in this world.


Why Is Foot Fetish So Popular On Cam Sites?


If you’ve been a camgirl for more than a couple hours, you’ve probably run into your first foot fetishist. This is something that totally took me by surprise when I first started camming, not because I wasn’t aware that this was a thing, but because I was shocked that it was so popular on cam sites.
I always figured that cam site viewers would want to see girls naked, so something like foot fetish I figured would be more popular on super nichey BDSM-style sites. Well, no, it turns out that feet are really in on most of the major sites like MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, and Streamate. Why exactly this is is not clear, and I’ve never met anyone who could cogently explain it.
I think the major reason is that foot fetish guys simply want to be able to direct what a hot cam model does with her feet. Like, I’ve been asked by these guys to do things like wiggle my toes, suck on them, and even stick them in pies and whipped cream. Like, a lot of really odd requests. That’s not something a fetishist can easily get visiting a porn tube or other kind of video site.
The other thing is that, like everybody else on a cam site, these viewers want to make a personal connection with a camgirl, not just get a cheap thrill. It’s much more exciting to talk to a girl and get to know her first before diving into her feet, LOL.
As a webcam model, you’re likely to run into a lot of really bizarre fetishes and fetishists, and foot fetish will not even be close to being the strangest. It’s actually a pretty mainstream kink that a lot of guys are into, so I would encourage you to learn as much as you can about and start catering to this interest when you cam. You’re likely to find that it can be quite fun and lucrative at the same time!

Is MyFreeCams Better Than Chaturbate?


A lot of cam models ask me what I think about the competition between MFC and Chaturbate. I want to let you guys know that, even though I’m partial to MyFreeCams because I started my camming career there, I really appreciate how Chaturbate makes streaming so much easier by allowing models to use apps and bots that automate a lot of menial tasks in the chatroom.
For example, when you have a tip goal, you can just use an app on Chaturbate that will automatically adjust the token goal as new tips come in. That’s soooo much easier than it is on MFC, where you have to do all the tip math yourself and adjust the numbers in the room topic manually. To be fair, MyFreeCams has something called “Charlesbot” now that will handle this for you, but they charge a monthly fee for it and it’s complicated to use. Most models don’t bother with it.
It’s not only apps and bots that make Chaturbate a great site to cam on, it’s also their massive loads of traffic. Chaturbate has done really well building a huge user base over the last few years, and that means that models can enjoy lots more viewers in their chatrooms than they can expect on MFC. This is really important for obvious reasons, but traffic quality is at least as important as traffic quantity.
That’s frankly where MFC has Chaturbate beat. The quality of traffic at MFC is much better, meaning that viewers there tip more and more likely to buy private and group shows. You really notice this the higher up you get in camscore at MFC, because the “whales” over there tend to like the higher ranked girls. Whales are the kind of viewers who will tip massively and buy show after show. Whales are freaking awesome!
So, yeah, Chaturbate has a lot over MyFreeCams, but MFC wins out when it comes to spending traffic. I would recommend new models start at Chaturbate, since it’s difficult to get established at MFC without an existing fan following. But once you’ve got some fans and some experience, you should try MyFreeCams out and see if you can make it there. It’s very worth it to gain experience at both cam sites, frankly.

Biggest Problems For Webcam Models

Being a camgirl isn’t all orgasms and tokens. There’s actually a lot of crap that we models have to deal with as we attempt to climb the ladder of camming success. I thought I might lay out some of the biggest issues confronting cam performers, so that you can have some idea what kind of challenges might get presented to you when you make the decision to get into webcam modeling.

  1. The first issue is finding time to cam. Not only that, but making sure you can cam at the same general time of day each and every day. It’s really important to broadcast on a consistent, steady basis so that you can attract regulars. Regulars can make all the difference in your camming career because they consider you a friend and will tip you very well and take your private often. If you’re not on every day when they’re on, you will miss out on spending the kind of time with them that will make them loyal fans. Make camming at least a couple hours a day a top priority, and stick your schedule no matter what.
  2. Shooting content can be a real pain in the butt, especially if you’re not familiar with editing software. A cam model who produces lots of videos and picture sets will generally do much better in the industry than models who just cam, so getting familiar with what it takes to make decent quality videos is a good idea. The camera on your smartphone is probably good enough to film videos with, so you’re not likely going to need to buy serious equipment. But it IS a great idea to become proficient with editing programs like Final Cut  and Power Director so that you can put out awesome video content regularly.
  3. Managing regulars can be a real ordeal, especially when they start to get too close and try to make unreasonable demands on your time. Camgirls will often find that a regular will want to chat at ridiculous times of day and try to monopolize your time when in a camming session. You’ve got to know how to crack the whip with these guys and make them understand that you have work responsibilities that are very important. Do your best to explain all of the various things you have to do off-cam, because most viewers don’t realize how much work a cam model does when not streaming.
  4. Finally, I think dealing with the negative opinions from family and friends can be a serious problem for most camgirls. In a lot of place, sexuality is considered sinful and controversial, so you might end up being judged by those closest to you, if they find out about your camming career. Always remember that you have to live your life for you, noy anybody else. If they don’t pay your bills, they don’t get to have an opinion on how you make a living.

So, I hope you guys realize that, even though webcamming is an awesome way to make great money on your own terms, it can certainly bring with it a lot of problems. Just tackle them head-on and keep your head on straight. You’ll do just fine!